Why We Teamed with Qgiv for Online Donations

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church donationsWhen the request first came to us, it arrived as a desire for a PayPal alternative. News to us, we discovered from our client PayPal offers financial support to organizations that don’t really support the ideals shared by our churches and faith-based organizations.

Let’s just say there are some concerns about the sanctity of human life.

So the search began. We reviewed a number of online donation systems. We looked at rates, client-bases, support levels and technology. Oh, and and we asked about who they financially supported.

And now we’ve partnered with Qgiv.

As their site boasts, fundraisers who use Qgiv process 39% more donations than they did before, and those donations are 160% greater than the industry average. Seems kind of impressive, but how do we know that 39% increase in donations isn’t just because now you’re able to take donations online? And does the 160 number include offline donations? If so, that might be explained by the 39% increase in donations, right?

We had to look deeper.

Alright. We know your members want to donate using their debit or credit cards instead of using cash or checks. The intuitive Qgiv platform makes that easy. Your donation forms and events will be beautiful and user-friendly on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. But what does it cost?

Using the Qqiv free account for nonprofits, your fee schedule is low:

3.95% + $0.30 per transaction

Hmm. Pretty competitive, but PayPal offers a lower rate of 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction. Now if the rate was the most important factor, our research would have ended there. However, we already know Qgiv’s heart is better aligned with our own (because we asked them point-blank if they financially supported the organization in question. They checked. They don’t.) Still, we needed to really get a sense for the Qgiv product. Here is a list of the Qgiv standard features. Power and extensibility just go up from here into the paid plans. Levaire and the Qgiv team will work with you to ensure your donations work smoothly and securely. Setup is free.

qgiv example

  • Positions you for receiving¬†year-round giving
  • Mobile-responsive giving – Supporters can give easily from their mobile devices
  • Smooth email and social sharing – True: fundraisers who share their pages through email and social posts raise more money.
  • Recurring donations and donor accounts – Your donors can customize frequency, start dates, and end dates for ongoing support.
  • Unlimited event registrations – Take event registrations on your donation form, virtual terminal, or kiosk.
  • Unlimited donation forms
  • Customizable landing & confirmation pages
  • Powerful donor receipts system
  • Donation dedications
  • Unlimited users
  • Account owner dashboard and reporting
  • Easy-to-use form builders and widgets
  • Online virtual terminal for in-person gifts
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Convenient donor summaries
  • Free live Qgiv training

Need to track your fundraising? Sounds like something you should be doing, right? Whether you need to know how much money you’ve raised this month or how many donors have given to a particular campaign, the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Then we began working with Qgiv. Don’t be surprised at the diligence with which they meet your account. These people are serious about your security and the security of your donors. After a little coordination and paperwork, your church or nonprofit will be ready to accept donations online, securely and elegantly.

Questions? Interested in getting started? Send us a note!


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