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Levaire’s social responsibility initiatives…


graceslist logoAs an emergency information network, the GracesList project offers communities a mobile, local-level, crisis support directory. Whether used for rapid disaster response, conquering homelessness, finding relief for refugees or a day-to-day resource for advocates, GracesList aims to uphold essential communications between nonprofits, emergency response and social services. GracesList.org offers

  • Information support on the ground during disaster
  • Help for both domestic and international refugees in gaining their bearings
  • Vital links to hunger-relief organizations, emergency services and homeless shelters

Through the GracesList project, we are fighting hunger, delivering aid faster and improving crisis communications globally. GracesList.org is a scalable technology solution helping to strengthen the network of charitable nonprofits, social change agents and emergency services in mobilizing critical resources to those in need.

In short, GracesList.org is a map of local humanitarian aid partners making a difference.

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Easy-to-Use Learning Management System (LMS) Course-Builder

acts 2 courses LMS logoCreate tests and quizzes and add instructors.

  • Drag & drop online course-building
  • Create your own quizzes using advanced settings
  • Assign tasks by using the assignment feature
  • Attach or embed video and audio files
  • Set an affordable price for each class or offer a course for free

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Local Street Evangelism

Here in Lansing, Michigan, there are a number of festivals each year, including the Common Ground music festival, Jazzfest, Bluesfest and maybe a couple other “fests”. During these popular events, you may see a small, humble band of witnesses standing on street corners, passing out Gospel tracts, praying over people, witnessing to people and handing out the occasional free Bible. This evangelism team is a collection of men and women from different churches, united in the Gospel and the Great Commission. Contact us if you’re interested in joining the fray.