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ways to improve annual report

22 Ways to Make Your Annual Report Remarkable

Ah, annual reports. Awful things. Full of stale, self-aggrandizing copy, dry pie charts, confusing bar graphs and committee-selected stock photos. This is 4-color, full-page bleed shredder-fodder at its finest. Your annual report probably even has an opening letter from your Supreme Poobah, doesn’t it? And there they are, smiling away with that plastic, you-can-take-the-picture-anytime-now grin, …

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fundraising ideas

Fundraising Ideas

After working with non-profits for years, I have seen plenty of wins on the fundraising front… and plenty of fails. Many organizations struggle with fundraising unless they’ve placed a real focus on it. You have two goals in any fundraising activity: Raise awareness and build community for a cause by drawing attention to the problem …

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25 ways to treat your wife

25 Ways to Treat Your Wife

Can you say “personal reminder”? I’ll leave this right here.. Take her for a walk/run/bike ride without the children Set up a surprise date (dinner, shopping, show, whatever) Gift certificates (spa, beauty, favorite store, etc.) Get a slew of household chores done Take the kids out and leave her at home Send her an ecard …

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