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seeking spiritual truth

From the Levaire Facebook page, a reader (Paul D) writes:

Are you a Christian?
I ask because you went to a Sadhguru event.
Since when does one pay money to be liberated?
Why is it secret?

My response:

Paul, I carry a Christian label, yes. However just because I vote Christian does not mean I have stopped seeking. I don’t think just because I believe in Christ’s resurrection and divinity and teachings I’ve somehow arrived and I’m simply “saved” so therefore I’m done trying to follow Christ’s example. I know many Christians that rest on the fact that they’re baptized, or the fact that they announced they are followers, and now they’ve stalled their spiritual development and reaching toward God. I am quite hungry to know what Christ knew, to follow His teachings, to follow His footsteps, to dive in and learn more and more and more.

Sadhguru teaches the science of meditation, which I believe Christ used and taught. If prayer is communicating to God, meditation is learning to quiet the mind’s worldly chatter and listen to God. I have asked and continually prayed for correction if I am on the wrong path and all that seems to come from my current path is a continual unveiling of deeper and deeper meaning in the Bible and Christ’s path. Much of that unveiling has been coming from a deeper understanding about this life experience, as brought to me by Sadhguru and the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda (“The Yoga of Jesus” is a great place to start, but I started with “Autobiography of a Yogi” which was introduced to me by a Christian friend.) Unfortunately, many Christians have become rooted in Christian dogma and I feel like their understanding of scripture becomes capped; mine certainly was.

I’m not sure what to make of your question, “Since when does one pay money to be liberated?” When there is a large event in a metropolitan conference center, where the hosts feed you two of your meals, rent a large room for two days, including audio/video equipment, and support a small army of volunteers, including likely putting them up in hotels, there is a cost. Printing name tags, handouts, etc.; these things cost. So, if I paid $250 for a day and a half of sitting and studying and being taught tools by which I can gain greater clarity in my relationship with God, it is a pittance, in my book. Compare this with any Tony Robbins event or that of any other western “guru” and I think the ticket price was actually quite low.

Another thought: It costs money to keep a church going. Most Christians tithe at least 10% if they’re following Christ’s teachings, right? The question about paying money seems ill-placed here. Let’s set it aside.

Regarding the ‘secret’ of the Shambhavi work (I’m assuming you’re referring to my video review on YouTube now DELETED 10/2/18), Sadhguru explained people have to be taught for 12-15 years in order to pass the Shambhavi practice on, as it is more than just a few different poses, stretches and breathing exercises. If you let it, the practice will have a steady and deepening impact on your approach to life, your sense of peace and well-being, and your relationships with others, including God. So it’s not that it’s top secret, but there is a normal course of study that comes before it in order to set a proper foundation (see If we run out and begin teaching others what we learned, we likely lose some of the translation and energy of the true practice. (We can actually do more harm than good, both to them and to ourselves.) There’s more to the ‘why’ than this, but I think this should hopefully help shed some light.

I really appreciate that you took time to write and ask these questions. It tells me you’re actively seeking answers as well. All I can do is share my experience and some of my thinking behind my steps. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. As I’ve told others who have asked, I’m just a beggar showing other beggars where the crumbs are. I was born and raised Catholic, fell away from the church towards confused agnosticism, and have gradually snapped back to a more non-denominational flavor of Christianity. I think our priests and pastors do their best to relay their interpretation of the Bible and Christ’s teachings, however I’ve heard and seen things of church leadership that occasionally miss the mark (which is what ‘sin’ actually meant before it came to mean wickedness.. it was an archery term that meant you missed the center of the target); none of us are infallible.

I believe that fallibility we share places the responsibility for our relationship with God squarely into our individual laps. Same as we have to take control of our own healthcare and occasionally defy the advice of medical professionals who mean well, I believe we must also take responsibility for our relationship with God; church leadership cannot be our only source of guidance. To be a good student then would mean to dive into the Bible and other supporting sources to gather information and insight from other seekers. Check that info in prayer and by stacking it up against scripture. That’s the thing: I haven’t found anything yet from Sadhguru and Yogananda that conflict with Christian scripture. In fact, their work tends to support Christ’s teachings.

Hopefully this helps. Thank you again for reaching out!

In support of your efforts,

[Paul D] Thank you for your reply Matt..

And do you believe Christ from the bible?(as in he did what he said he set out to do and Rose from the Dead? Or are you blending it with other gurus who claimed to be godmen like Sai Baba!
I thought as a Christian you would not need more as it was all spelled out in the Bible as the only authority needed.

You say…”Unfortunately, many Christians have become rooted in Christian dogma and I feel like their understanding of scripture becomes capped; mine certainly was.”
How do you even know you have a better understanding of scripture and that it is Dogma?How do you know that your not being sucked into the Dogman of Sadhguru. I can find all there is to know about Christ for free and not pay even 10%. WIth todays technology the information can be given away for free! And its not like shhhhh a secret that takes you decades to obtain only if you join a religion or cult..? Are you allowed to share that information or did you have to sign a disclosure agreement?:) think about it!

Have you ever looked into what there beliefs are?
Do they believe in possession or spirits and demons?
Or is it “really just” meditation..

Dr. Ravi Zacharias – Warning: Yoga & Meditation
(Video is no longer available.)

Kundalini Yoga

Former Kundalini Yoga Teacher Turns to Christianity – Part 1/8

[Matt] Paul, thank you for this! I have begun viewing the 8-part series and will do my best to absorb all of this. Would you be open to moving this discussion to my blog at I think this is conversation many could benefit from. Please copy your responses there (or I can). You’ve given me much to think about here. I am definitely questioning my stance. On the way home tonight, I saw a bumper sticker that simply said, “Pray”. I intend to do more of that tonight. Thank you!

[Several days later, Matt] Paul! You’ve opened up a can of worms for me, to be sure! Thank you for testing my beliefs. I have gone through the videos you sent and have found them to be compelling. I still haven’t landed on one side or the other, but here’s where I’m at so far:

[Paul D] Hi Levaire. Sorry it took so long to respond to your latest. Not ignoring you.I have been going through a lot in the last while including an ill parent I’m struggling to deal with. I’m curious about your beliefs in Christianity. Do you believe in the Christ of the bible or the Christ that Indians claim? Are you struggling with Jesus and his lost years? Are you seeking to be “happy” all the time or “enlightened” Why do you seek God more through Sadhguru and not the bible? If I may ask do you have lots of personal close relationships in your life? Close to your parents and siblings? Married? Belong to any supportive Christian groups? Why do I ask? If your too busy “in your head,” looking for happiness or meaning out there and not filling your life serving others or feeling like you belong to a family here and now perhaps that may be something to consider but I do not know your circumstances. Did you have to keep your paid teachings from Sadhguru a secret or Dangerous? Did Jesus Christ charge or keep things a secret?

kundalini yoga is dangerous

[Paul D] I came across Sadhguru by chance last year when I saw a very very short tv clip on him and it got my curiosity. Actually he did not even say much!I He has some charm factor about him. At the same time I was cautioned by the information I had come across on yoga by reading about the Occult through Walter Vieth and from finding out about agenda 21 the United Nations and the connection with ascended masters through Lucius Trust. Lots of what Sadhguu has to say I admit seduces me as well however my senses are saying caution something does not seem right on one hand from a christian perspective.

[Paul D] I wonder if you have actually spoken to Sadhguru and asked him some serious questions about Jesus or Christianity while you were at his course.

[Matt] Paul, still working through a response. Just wanted to sound off. Didn’t forget about this thread. Hopefully will get a response back to you this weekend.

[Paul D] No problem Levaire :)

[Matt] In the meantime, here are some comments from Sadhguru, which I find to be timely and relevant to our discussion. Thoughts?

[Paul D] Minute 4:40 take heed.

[Paul D] Are you aware of how seduction works? Pace Pace Pace lead… truth truth truth truth then slip in falsehood. Become mysterious, offer solution to pain. Condition with basic simple truths and blend in Jesus. After you have fully committed one will trust and will not believe they could have been sucked in. The Kundalini Serpent will seduce you.. so will the entities

[Paul D] minute 1:19 True or False ? Sorry … this is a lie.. Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

[Matt] Some more resources for our discussion. I am placing them here. Near daily research going on with me. This last video you shared definitely had an impact. I think you’ll find this thread interesting.



This post is part of an ongoing discussion around the practice of yogic meditation. To see more of the discussion, go here.


UPDATE 01/17/2016

As of the past couple weeks, I have ultimately arrived at a place where I HAVE RENOUNCED MY YOGIC PRACTICE. God has found it in His heart to place in my path not just one but TWO individuals who are able to witness God’s supernatural love as uncovered by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Here is the story:


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