When Does Life Begin?

when does life begin

I have had persons who argue for liberal rights give me this answer as to when life begins, but is this true? A direct quote:

“As for when life begins, it begins when the child is viable outside the womb without having to subsist on the female body for support. There are many tenets of Christianity that bothers the heck out of me. It’s ok to force a woman to bear a child, but those same individuals who would regulate my body and medical decisions have no responsibility to care for it afterwards.  Its ok, to force a woman to bear another person (which incidentally is slavery and violates our 14th amendment rights) but it’s not ok for her to say that’s NOT ok for her body, or to realize it’s too much for her psyche after it has begun, which does happen. Even animals recognize when they are sick and will terminate pregnancies early for their health.  I believe strongly in individual rights and those of self-care of the woman, as less men care for me than they would themselves, so I have my duty to do so for me.  I owe no-one else a thing in this life, much less accountability about my physical person.  Now, that is not to say I would ever make this personal choice as I love others and I love children, but I also choose not to dominate others with my religious beliefs as certain Christians deem proper thru law.. My love is appropriate to me and not my will on others.  I also do not believe in using them as a means of birth control.  Self-defense is self-defense even if you don’t agree with how the person protects themselves (for example, not bearing the body of another and risking your your life or mental state) because it affects someone elses religious sensibilites.. it may not be their religion, it may just be something less than human until its born.”

“Thats what I meant by comparing killing a person in self-defense, to having an abortion.”

Let me ask you an honest question; I hope it will help you grasp what you said.

When did your life begin?

Mine began in my mother’s womb.

Mine began when the sperm and the egg joined together.

If my parents did not have sex I would not be a person. My parents chose to have sex and were never forced to have sex. The only way I would not be born after the egg and the sperm joined together would be if something went wrong or someone or something interrupted the growth cycle of my early development.

We must also ask when is a growing fetus not a human child? The answer is never. We are always in stages of development. Children live outside of the womb who are three or four months old.

Someone may say, “Well, fetuses are dependent upon someone.” Yes, children are dependent upon someone to live, just like all new-born children and every one-year old, two-year old, four-year old and up.

So to use logic that says a baby still in utero is not a child until they’re born because they’re dependent cannot be right.  A young human life is always dependent upon a grown up, so is not wise to use this type of logic.

A two-year old needs his mom too.

Using this logic, should we be able to kill the two-year old child since he still needs his mom? For us to choose to terminate a child before it is born does not change that it was a developing child any more than it does to kill a two-year old under the same pretense.

Abortion as self-defense?

Now, let’s look at the last part of this logic: that people are forced to take care of a child that they did not want merits self-defense. That this child was forced into me so I need to kill and remove it.

First, let’s be honest. A person almost always has the choice to have sex or not with another person.

Most people beyond a 4th grade education know sexual union can produce a life as it’s the God-given process most people were brought into the world (aside from some newer, modern science techniques.)

Yes, a person choosing to engage in sexual union outside a marriage commitment may decide afterwards they don’t want to be with this person so they terminate the life inside them. That’s not self-defense. Who forced you to have sex?

You had a chance to “defend yourself” by saying no, right?

If you use this logic, the real problem becomes that unwritten law that says that we can have sex when we want and with whom we want. Especially throughout the West, peddled largely through Hollywood and social media, we are told we have an unhindered right to sex.

But the GOD who created us calls this fornication.

It is sex outside of marriage where we first disobey God. Marriage with a person who is committed to us for life is beautiful.

Bad math

The first variable in this equation is that we have done wrong by having sex as we chose—outside of marriage. Plus, now we want to kill the child because of our willful “mistake”! This math doesn’t work.

Two wrongs will never make a right.


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Scott Bunce
Scott worked in the State of Michigan Department of Corrections and the Lansing police department for over 25 years. He has 14 years experience in street evangelism, which began in 1999 on the streets of New York City. In 2003, he formed the Inner City Missionaries, where he is joined by men and women from all congregations, whose intention is to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations. His personal mission is to see Bible-believing churches overflowing with new coverts and revival across the United States. Through his work, he can usually be found at local festivals and has ministered in major cities across the U.S. and Canada.


  1. Life begins at conception…or nothing would be here. If there’s no conception there would be no LIFE. When you put a seed in the grown or in water it causes the root to grow out of it and it attaches itself to the dirt to get water and nutrients to continue growing – before that seed is planted it carries the potential to reproduce fruit, which will also carry the seed,..but it has to be planted to do that, there has to be conception made with the ground. …when did LIFE begin…the moment that seed became a root becoming one with the dirt to grow and bear fruit. When 2 cells come together and create a third cell what causes that to happen…LIFE! What animated that 3rd cell to become a combination of the two but yet separate and distinct… LIFE. Anything that is independently alive and grows to have the potential to reproduce is that way because of LIFE. An ant is alive with LIFE. When you kill-destroy anything that has LIFE, you are voiding-destroying God’s presence in this realm called earth.( Of course those who kill animals for food or clothing, well that’s between them and their God, I cannot judge them). I believe that when God said to Abraham, in Exodus 3:16… I AM that I AM…God was making a statement about being Eternal LIFE, omniscient LIFE – omni present LIFE, …in and trough all things that live…I AM that ant because I AM life itself. I AM that Tree because it is alive and I AM LIFE itself. I AM that neighbor, that embryo, that infant, that person sitting next to you… because they are alive and I Am LIFE itself…Eternal! If you want to find Me, where there’s life I AM. All things that have LIFE are where I AM, because that life is ME! With that said, I do believe in choice. Simply because GOD gave us the ability to choose. That in itself causes culpability and responsibility with far reaching consequences when we choose to kill & destroy LIFE! This planet and it’s people are dying because we have destroyed LIFE in so many ways, human life, plant life, our ocean LIFE is dying, our land has been raped over & over again, the very air we breath, that gives us what we need to live is now killing us…we have created a culture of death, and environment of death…and so cancer reigns, disease reigns, death reigns…Can we stop killing LIFE and find alternatives to birth control? It’s something that we can CHOOSE to do. There has to be another Way! Jesus said, I AM the Way, the Truth and THE LIFE… John 14:6. We destroy LIFE because we have not LIFE….without Jesus there is only the opposite of LIFE…Death defined: The separation from LIFE HIMSELF. LIFE is not an it, LIFE is the living quiver, essence & substance of GOD HIMSELF. The grave could not hold HIM, Death had no dominion over HIM…because HE IS LIFE ETERNAL! Hallelujah

  2. The great tragedy is that we live in a prominently Christian community and NO Christian should ever be pro-abortion. We should be winning all the polls and votes regarding an end to abortion, but we are not, sadly because many Christians are supporting abortions. I believe this is the case because in our society we have been tricked into believing that we need to fight these social issues by satan’s rules, arguments and reasoning absent of God. Because of this, Christians don’t even know the real reason why they should stand for or against some arguments. I feel that abortion is one of those issue and why even Christians find themselves pro-abortion and/or passively allowing them.
    What Christians fail to take into account, and I hardly ever hear taught, is that it takes 3 to make a baby. As the self-reliant and independent individuals we have so cunningly been breed into, we like to forget that God has a part to play in every pregnancy also. It’s far more than than just a stand off to the side and observe role. Actually it is the MOST IMPORTANT part of what makes a baby actually a baby. God BREATHS into each child a piece of his own life. Giving to the newly conceived fetus a human Soul and Spirit… An ETERNAL soul and spirit. For us Christians that is where life truly exists, in the spirit. Without a spirit, there is no life. And this spirit breathed into them was never created by God for termination or rejection, but for life. Yet we sadly ignore this reality and negate the importance of the Human Spirit.
    For those that choose the lukewarm role, and feel that it fine if others just as long as they themselves don’t choose to do so, are deceiving themselves. And God will, as He states in the book of revelation, spew you up on the last day. For these are by the very breath of God, your own Brothers and Sisters that are being killed, and yet you do nothing. Yet you say that it is OK for ANYONE to kill your brothers and sisters, do you not see that this IS murder, not only on the one having an abortion, but by YOU also, since you have agreed that they are justified in do so.
    I believe it is the voices unborn that reside below the throne of God, spoken of in the book of revelation, crying out, when will our deaths be avenged. That justice that they cry for is coming, and the lukewarm will be swept up with the rest of those who have willingly murdered my brothers and sisters.

  3. What is life? It is animated matter. It has growth. It acquires nutrients, expels waste and has its own unique DNA. At the moment of conception, a human embryo is very much alive and unique in the universe. It is human life. Killing it is murder.

    When murder became legal, we were all immediately in jeopardy of death because of being an “inconvenience” to someone. And the “overpopulation” freaks consider most all of us to be an inconvenience. Think on that long and hard.

    Ripping a tiny baby limb from limb is horrific in the extreme. Pictures of this should make every Liberal shiver with disgust if not immediately change their mind about abortion.

  4. Hey brother Rod
    The Christian movie makers finally put out the movie depicting the graphic seen described above . The movie was called un-planned. The movie wasn’t given any publicity and was rated R. It faded in into the shadows like an b -movie goes to
    the back shelves at family video. It worth dusting off if you have never seen it . It would end the pro abortion movement if they were forced to see it.


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