10 Vital Topics for Christian Leadership Training

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As an event organizer, what’s more rewarding than hearing, “Gee, I got so much out of that!” Not that you’re angling for compliments, but it’s good to know that after all that hard work, your Christian leadership training sessions empowered and ministered to the group.

For good coverage, plan teachings that cover both newly-emerging topics like “Harnessing Social Media for Ministry” to more tried and true ones like “Guiding a Fallen Leader Through the Restoration Process.” If you’re not sure which ones to choose, peruse these 10 relevant subjects and go from there!

  1. Decision-making and the Christian Leader: Demonstrating grace is part of the Christian faith but what happens when that impedes important decisions.
  2. Introverted and Extroverted Leadership: Every leader is different! Do you know which category you fall into?
  3. Listening Like Christ: Leaders need to fine-tune their active listening skills in order to prescribe a solution accurately.
  4. Servant Leaders: Teach your team how to serve and love one another like past servant leaders.
  5. When Tragedy Strikes a Congregation: From natural disasters to family tragedies, they do occur. Does your staff now how to minister to the congregation during times of grief.
  6. Communicating Effectively with Your Ministry Team: You like to email but he prefers Skype. How should leaders communicate?
  7. Starting a New Ministry (or Reviving an Old One): How do you start a church in the current culture? Can you revive a dying ministry?
  8. Establishing a Church Web Presence: Everyone is one the web but should they be? Find out the best way to establish a web presence for your ministry.
  9. Recruiting, Training and Managing Volunteers: Learn how to attract and grow those crucial volunteers
  10. Witnessing in the 21st Century: Leaders may need a brush up sharing their faith. Present new ideas for witnessing to others.

If you’re thinking of providing your ministry team or church staff with a training series, let us help you! Our winning coaching staff can bring fresh perspectives and ideas that will excite your group. Give us a shout!  We can start planning today!

ideas for christian leadership summitP.S. Now you can get 10 additional topics for your church leadership conference. There are all sorts of leadership conferences around the world, and this trend is not likely to let up anytime soon. As leaders yearn to improve their leadership capabilities, they often find themselves attending way too many seminars, retreats, workshops or team-building sessions that promise to deliver on a particular topic. While attending these gatherings may be highly recommended, ministry leaders must be careful in their selection to avoid wasting time attending training that does not suit them or redundant training disguised as different topics. Otherwise, the ministry’s operational budget will suffer amidst minimal or no returns.

Download our free Christian leadership training ideas guide, where we expand on the ideas listed above and give you another ten conference topic ideas suitable for your next conference.

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  1. Am a young leader who needs more information concerning leadership and I believe through this article, will make me grow.

  2. I have a ministry by the name of healing ministry with attendance of 170, but I need to grow bigger than that.spiritauly help us

  3. This is very interesting. l am leader at our church leaders would want to know much about leadership and protocol procedure and hospitality.

    • Josephine, thank you for writing. As far as leadership and actual church stewardship, I can recommend a couple solid books. The first is called “A Spirit-Empowered Church” and the second is called “Simple Church“. Both books will help you gather some solid wisdom around leadership and protocol (though they don’t do much with hospitality, per se.) I hope this helps! Matthew


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