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Is Yoga Demonic, Evil or Satanic? A Christian Concern

As you know, I’ve been studying meditation and moving down that path. It comes from a place where I want to know what Jesus knew, and I think that’s a question we should all be asking ourselves as Christians. How do we close the gap between us and our Creator? Christ has said He is the way. So if Christ way is the way, what steps did He take in His life?

I don’t think it’s just as simple as, “I’m going to be a nice person”. I don’t think it’s as simple as you follow the 10 commandments and you have nothing else to worry about. I think there’s more to spiritual evolution than following a couple good guidelines for behavior, right?

If Christ has said His example is the example to follow, then how do we follow that example? Through my research, some clues point to the possibility that Christ went to India. Again, I don’t know how viable this is and maybe that’s part of my problem, but there’s a big gap in the Bible where Christ is a child and then He disappears for what? A couple decades? Then He comes back and He’s baptized by John the Baptist and moves in to this life of leadership and sacrifice.

(Note: Further research has pointed out that this time is referred to as the “Lost Years of Jesus”. There have been numerous stories about Jesus traveling far and wide, but most seem to have been dismissed by contemporary religious scholars. Curious? Read “Unknown Years of Jesus” at Wikipedia.)

Somebody asked me recently, “Matt, are you a Christian? I see that you’re studying under Sadhguru.” I said “Yes, I am a Christian” or at least I wear the Christian label. I hail from Roman Catholic roots and—in me trying to follow Christ example—I’m exploring meditation right now. If prayer is us communicating to God, meditation is us listening to God, right? That’s how I’ve got it sorted in my mind.

Then they asked “Since when do you have to have spend money for enlightenment?” When you go to a conference, it costs money to put on a conference. I’m okay paying a $250 ticket for a conference; that’s not out of bounds at all. Compare that with a Tony Robbins event! How much are you spending there? $1,200+ for the same weekend? So, this question, we’ll throw out.

Now, back to the question about being a Christian and studying under Sadhguru. I feel like my belief has grown. I sit through church now and I feel I’ve got a whole new dimension of understanding about the Scriptures. I feel like I’m even more clear as a result of having studied meditation.

But then they volleyed with some links from folks who had also studied yoga and ended up opening themselves to demonic possession and all sorts of evil?

I’ll admit! My faith is shaken in the yogic path now, so I’m trying to get clarity. If any of you guys have any insight, please sound off.

I’m asking the question now. I’m asking “All right, is there more to this further on down the road?” No, I’m not detecting any kind of evil intent from any of the Sadhguru teachings. I’ve vetted him against other gurus and—some of the other gurus—they don’t feel right. They feel like they’re off in the bushes. They feel like they’re making up certain things. Do a search on human levitation. That’ll open up some weird stuff. (People hopping and calling it levitation.)

I did that vetting process and I’ve been praying all along, right? I’ve been praying all along, “Lord, if I am on the wrong path, please correct me. I don’t want to spend a minute on the wrong path. If I am not intended to be studying Kriya yoga or following Christ in this manner, then correct me, please!”

And, so far, nothing’s come.

In fact, the only thing that’s come from this has been a greater understanding or a greater depth experienced in Scripture, so when I go sit in church on Sunday, I feel like I have even more clarity than I’ve ever had in the past. I understand (or I feel like I understand.)

Who knows?

Maybe I’m going crazy.

But I feel like I understand when Christ says “It’s all through me,” he’s not talking about Jesus of Nazareth (which is always where I got stuck. “Really? Okay, it’s all through you.”) In my mind now, it’s Christ Consciousness. It’s this evolution towards Divinity. Christ has even said in the Book of John, “These things and greater, you can do if you’re in the faith.” That tells me we’ve got a huge responsibility to study and follow his path and see what it is we can see.

How do you take that? I think most Christians don’t take the responsibility, and so they stop seeking and they just show up to church and maybe they say prayers over their meals and whatever. I think most folks stop way before taking this responsibility. And I don’t think Christ was lying and I don’t think Christ was crazy, so must be that this is the truth, right? If Christ has said we can do even larger miracles than He did, why is nobody doing it? Why is nobody doing it?

Answer that question.

That’s where I’m at. I’ll admit to getting blown out of the water by some of these YouTube videos that were then sent to me by this guy talking to me on Facebook, Paul. (Hey Paul!) In the videos he sent, again, “demonic possession yoga” by folks who have become born-again Christians, several of whom say that they had this Christ experience where Christ came and whispered in their ear or shocked them with light. They felt this massive boost of love and then they had a course correction. That kind of thing blows me out of the water too. These folks are speaking with conviction; they are coming from a sense of their own clarity.

I don’t think their making up their experiences, so is it truly that yoga is the wrong path or is it that these veins of yoga—just like veins of Christianity—seem to be off in the bushes?

Is it that these certain gurus are off in the bushes, and maybe Sadhguru is on the right path? (But then I find a video where somebody actually studied under the Isha Foundation and had a demonic experience.)

So is it that these folks are not conducting themselves properly in the yogic arts?

I don’t know.

I don’t know. I don’t know what I don’t know, so not knowing what I don’t know, if you know or if you feel you know, please sound off on this video down in the comments below.

I need help. I need some guidance. I’ve reached out to Christian friends of mine. I’m blowing them out of the water with these questions. I have reached out to Isha Foundation. Here’s my note to them:

Recently, someone approached me on Facebook and asked if I was a Christian. I affirmed I was and now they have sent me a number of YouTube videos where folks are reporting demonic possession or attack as a result of their involvement with yoga. One testimonial even cites Isha.

I’ll admit; my faith that I’m on the right path with Kriya yoga has been shaken.

Has Sadhguru addressed this in video? Any insight?

Thank you in advance.

And their response:

Dear Matt,
Sadhguru has spoken about yoga extensively.

You can find more information here:

Well. That helped a little, but it doesn’t really answer the demonic possession issue.

Guys, I don’t know. This is where I’m at, I’m in a very questioning place, I thought I was moving down the right path and it was feeling good. People talk about “Oh yeah, it felt good, but then I got possessed.”

I don’t want to be possessed. That’s not a goal of mine.

If you got any insight, please share. As I continue to collect data and pray and seek revelation, I will report out and we’ll just move through this journey together, okay? All right guys, this has been Matt Schoenherr. Good luck to us all.

This post is part of an ongoing discussion around the practice of yogic meditation. To see more of the discussion, go here.

UPDATE 01/17/2016

As of the past couple weeks, I have ultimately arrived at a place where I HAVE RENOUNCED MY YOGIC PRACTICE. God has found it in His heart to place in my path not just one but TWO individuals who are able to witness God’s supernatural love as uncovered by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Here is the story: https://levaire.com/my-salvation-experience/

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