You Are Not Saved

you are not saved

Today at church, Pastor asked us for examples of things that separate us from God. Things like busy lives, self-absorption, erroneous beliefs about God (vindictive, fear-mongering), erroneous beliefs about our part in that relationship; these were the kinds of things presented by the audience.

One of the items I would add to that list is the notion that–because you were “saved” by reciting some words or getting doused by water–you’ve reached the climax of your relationship with God.

This too, feels like erroneous thinking. It means to me you have a reason (excuse) to try less. You’re saved because you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior. I would challenge that. Fantastic that you have accepted Christ! But you cannot simply accept Christ and then choose to live a baseless existence, courting only your physical desires! You may as well be an animal if that is the case. You were given a human brain by a mistake of birth.

I believe we are admitted into heaven (conscious reunion with God) through God’s grace and our own devotion to closing the gap between God and ourselves. Christ is our example. Jesus is our way, if we actively choose Him.

You can say you are saved. You can pay lip service to Jesus and call Him your Savior, but what are you doing to close the gap between your daily grind and Christ’s life example? Is He King over your life as well?

Are you studying God’s Word? Are you praying? Are you meditating? Are you worshipping?

The word is devotion.

That is my question to you: What can you do on a daily basis to raise your devotion to closing the gap between your Creator and yourself?

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