4 Essential Qualities of Leadership

essential qualities of leadership

Developing leadership qualities might be considered subjective when every leader needs to fit his or her own personality into running their organization. In all cases, however, certain qualities exist that are undeniable in how true leadership can potentially become successful and legendary. We’ve seen it all in business leaders from Walt Disney to Steve Jobs. What can we learn from them while also applying leadership qualities necessary for the challenges of the 21st century?

Vision: The Quality of Looking Ahead

No matter what role a leader takes, it’s going to require visualization of the future and making something better. All  great leaders do this. Additionally, while having a vivid sense of that forward vision should be shared with everyone else on the team, there also has to be a sense of reality behind it. Setting a complete agenda that thoroughly visualizes every detail of that plan will be one of the top priorities determining whether leadership succeeds or fails.

Commitment: The Quality of Fortitude to Weather Storms

All leaders are going to face problems of various sorts. Some of those problems may be very challenging to deal with (including financial losses), so a leader has to stay positive and show fortitude. A stalwart leader who exhibits this trait also shows he or she has the moral foundation to do what’s right, as opposed to turning to illegal, unethical or immoral activities to get ahead. Your goal is to inspire your team to adopt the same philosophy.

Collaboration: The Quality of Selecting Members Who Share Your Vision

A leader needs to develop their team so all share in the same business vision. Leaders can’t do everything alone and usually direct others to implement actions so a bigger picture can be formed. As a leader, you are charged to make sure your team keeps this vision close. Retaining strong team players will be essential in making sure your vision becomes a reality.

Empathy: The Quality of Understanding Your Audience

When leading in the world of business, having vision for the success of your products is only half of the battle. Creating a vision for what your audience really wants will be paramount before you even create your product or offer your service. This involves research and extensive investigation into lives, hopes and dreams of the customer you’ll be catering to. As you continue to build your leadership skills, you’ll continue to hone in on the that which matters most to those you are hoping to reach.

Of course, these traits are only part of what it takes to be a superior leader. Visit Levaire.com or contact us for more information on how we can help you develop leadership qualities in you and your team.


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