Gospel in One Minute


I found this music while rummaging for a different project months back. I really liked the tune but had no idea what I would do with it. This video “The Gospel in One Minute” is totally experimental. Please comment and let me know what you think! Matthew

P.S. Words flying by too fast? Below is the full script:

In the beginning a perfect world.
Sin through self-will;
Rebellion brings decay, disease, death.
Covenants made; covenants broken.
The shadow of law and sacrifice teach
the need for holiness and atonement.
Creation apart from its Creator self-destructs.
Prophets warn of judgment
pointing to a perfect sacrifice to end all sacrifice.
Through a future deliverer;
king of Judah; root of Jesse; son of David;
promised one; Messiah.



A child born in Bethlehem.
A cry in the desert,
“Make straight the way of the Lord!”
12 chosen
Lame walk; Sick healed; Blind see;
Dead raised; Captives freed.
Kingdom of God established.
Cornerstone rejected
New covenant
Sheep scattered
“Crucify Him!”
Love nailed to a [Roman cross]
It is finished!
Third day He rose.
Peace be with you.
Go. Baptize all nations in the name
of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
He ascended to heaven.
He sits at the Father’s right hand.
Holy Spirit descends;
Fire + wind
3,000 added.
Day of the Lord judgment.
He will return to judge the living + dead.
Kingdom without end.

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Matthew Schoenherr
Prior to beginning his Christian ministry, Matthew spent over 25 years as a marketing consultant, published author, speaker, coach, business developer and entrepreneur. In 2015, he pushed out over 400 accounts and retooled his marketing practice to serve the Christian Church. In addition to his pastoral studies and spreading the Gospel message through Levaire.com, Matthew helps Christian churches and humanitarian aid organizations develop successful outreach strategies.


  1. Please send me a book on one minute witness through this address:
    Rev.Joseph Irungu Waithaka
    P.o. box 52-10205
    Maragua Kenya
    Phone 254727439959

    • Reverend! Thank you for writing! Actually, this is just a video; we have no such book. Maybe you’ll want to check out Roman’s Road, though. That is a very short, biblical way of delivering the truth of the Gospel. Here is a foundation: https://youtu.be/FMCMxigVnao

  2. I surely desire to use the knowledge from the book to reach many souls.
    The world is surely crying for salvation and deliverance.


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