Confessions of an Irritable Mother

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Karen Hossink

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Are you frustrated with mothering? Are you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless? Have you ever secretly questioned God’s wisdom in giving you children? You’re not alone! Karen Hossink has wrestled with her own feelings of inadequacy as a mother: I didn’t start off mean. And certainly being the ‘Meanest Mom in the World’ was never my goal. Yet, somehow, my son thought I was worthy of the title. To be fair, the majority of times Joshua crowned me queen of the meanies was when I was punishing him, or when I wasn’t giving him what he wanted. Nonetheless, he seemed pretty convinced I deserved the title and when you hear something often enough, you start to believe it’s true…I wanted so desperately to be a good mom–to meet their needs and do everything just right–but I sat there on the step weeping, feeling completely overwhelmed. I wondered if maybe, just this once, God may have made a mistake. In the midst of the tears, Karen found that God is good, and even in our most dire circumstance there is hope. Karen’s warm-hearted transparency shines through in Confessions of an Irritable Mother, as she shares candidly about her own personal battle–the trials and the triumphs–on the journey toward holiness on which God has been leading her. By God’s grace, you too can come to understand He is using your children and your struggles as a mother to refine you like silver and make you into the woman He wants you to be.



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