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6 Consequences of Sexual Sin

It is our responsibility not to allow sin to have control over our bodies. Romans 6:12-13 tells us we must not use our bodies...

9 Lies We Use to Excuse Sexual Sin

In the Bible, sexual immorality is one of the most prominently mentioned sins anytime a list of sins comes up. If it were simply...

Life in the Body of Christ

The Messiah's time on earth was limited to 30-or-so years with the last three representing His public ministry. This meant that within those three...

What the Bible Says About Divorce

This article is a collaboration with Levaire author, Yaneke Lewis. Relationships, dating and marriage; to put it politely, they can be a real bugger. Our romantic...

Book: Finding Joy

Karen Hossink $0.00 – $2.93 For moms, some days it's easy to be joyful....

Book: Confessions of an Irritable Mother

Karen Hossink $0.00 – $12.70 Are you frustrated with mothering? Are you feeling overwhelmed...


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