Year in Review: Were These Ministry Trends in 2013? [Infographic]

2013 ministry trends

Well, a lot happened in 2013. As a church, are you keeping up or falling behind? As this infographic by UnSeminary points out, church-goers are becoming more mobile both in their technology and their desire to deploy. Do your programs reflect this? Does your use of technology? You may want to incorporate the following infographic into your annual planning meeting (you are holding annual planning meetings in a “plan, do, check, adjust” format, right?)

In support of your efforts,

2013 ministry trendsSource: UnSeminary. 2013. Retrieved from on December 31, 2013.

If you want to raise up visionary leaders in your organization, offer them a comprehensive program for leadership development. In this uncertain business climate, providing your leaders with every advantage is never a wrong move. Give new leaders a solid foundation by covering the fundamentals of management in your program. When your team understands core business functions, leaders will make better decisions–especially under pressure. By covering multiple topics in your program, you give leaders a greater understanding of how to lead others.

Emerging technologies and techniques

Leaders that get “in front” of emerging technologies have a distinct advantage over managers who lag behind. This portion of the program should focus on new social marketing platforms, handy apps or the latest customer service software. Provide leaders with a peek into the future!

New ways to solve problems

Problem solving is a daily task for leaders. An effective leader must search for solutions that strengthens the team. Finding new ways to address challenges will keep the entire team thinking about innovation!

Strategy development and implementation

Anyone can see a problem but it takes a true leader to develop a strategy and implement it successfully. Any program for leadership development should empower managers in these areas. Help leaders move those good ideas from the drawing board to complete implementation.

Deeper development of personal leadership styles

Do your leaders know their leadership styles? Leaders who are self-aware can learn to operate from their strengths and actually bolster their weaknesses. Offer a study that gives your management team insights into their personal leadership styles.

Energize leadership with a program that both inspires and educates. Ready to get started? Contact us for more information.


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