Getting the Most Out of a Leadership Course

leadership course

You’ve made the investment in a leadership course but do you know how to get the most out of an upcoming conference? Plenty of studies have shown that simply trying to memorize facts and figures isn’t a successful or reliable plan for retaining what you’ve learned. If you want to revolutionize your leadership role, prep for the course by knowing what to expect and get all you can from your training.

You can expand your network. At a leadership conference, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals. In many cases, a leadership seminar is a great place to swap ideas, talk about common challenges and build a stronger network of peers. You should be prepared to exchange information with people who want to connect with you.

Capitalize on team potential. Here’s a common scenario: The team has hit a few “bumps in the road” but they’ve now gained some momentum. You can sense the excitement but now what? Enrolling your team in a leadership course could capitalize on a recent victory or accomplishment and keep that crucial momentum. Catapult your leadership team forward by attending a conference specific to a certain level of leaders, like managers.

Seek development–not training. You know you are a leader. Do you need training? Probably not–it’s more likely that what you need is leadership development. According to a recent article published by Forbes, leadership training focuses on today while development has an emphasis on the future. When you enroll in a leadership course, choose one that has an emphasis on development–not simply more training.

Prepare to learn! Reap a harvest of tips and techniques from your investment by showing up prepared to learn. Besides good note taking and asking pointed questions, think about the next step. Is there another course available beyond this one? Could you benefit from additional products? Be teachable!

Of course, it helps to learn from experienced leaders who want you to excel. Allow us to help you get the most from your next training session. Contact us today for more information.


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