Teachers Are Our All-Stars

teacher appreciation

Where have all the teachers gone? All across the United States, the number of people interested in taking on the teaching profession has been on the decline. The state of California has been hit worst, seeing a 53 percent drop in teachers since 2008.

Absolutely share this video, folks. Why are our teachers not paid more like medical professionals? Teachers are our all-stars; not folks chasing balls across a field (sorry, athletes.. your physical prowess is great, but raising up young minds and hearts is better.) Matthew

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Prior to beginning his Christian ministry, Matthew spent over 25 years as a marketing consultant, published author, speaker, coach, business developer and entrepreneur. In 2015, he pushed out over 400 accounts and retooled his marketing practice to serve the Christian Church. In addition to his pastoral studies and spreading the Gospel message through Levaire.com, Matthew helps Christian churches and humanitarian aid organizations develop successful outreach strategies. He and his vivacious wife, Kelly, live in Michigan with their four amazing children.


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