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Praying for the Persecuted Church

When our Redeemer walked on earth over 2,000 years ago, He had a clear message for His disciples: Reach the world with His message...

Is the Church Relevant?

Our faith is under fire like never before. In our postmodern world, in a spirit of neo-orthodoxy, we must intentionally display a clear message....

Digital Evangelism: Tips for Extending Your Church’s Digital Outreach

If you’re a church pastor, chances are you use a computer on a daily basis. There’s also a 39% chance you access the Internet...

How God Protects His People

An Encounter with ISIS: How God Protected Us The warning came exactly one week before we were scheduled to leave. It was a text message from...

3 Key Benchmarks in Church Email Marketing

Every year, an email newsletter company named Constant Contact, gathers together statistics from over 200 million emails sent through their system and posts the...

The Case for Millennial Evangelism

Recently, I stumbled upon a Facebook post by an organization named echurch. They were marketing an ebook called "The Ultimate Guide for Reaching Millennials."...


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Ye are gods, He said

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