Tribulation or Rapture? Which? (Free PDF)

pamphlet tribulation or rapture which oswald smith

I once believed in the pre-tribulation rapture.

So did Dr. Oswald Smith, one of Canada’s greatest Bible teachers.

After 50 years in the ministry–while reading his Greek New Testament–Dr. Smith saw “after the Tribulation” and connected it with the Apostle Paul. He reversed his position–after 50 years–and wrote a beautiful pamphlet, “Tribulation or Rapture – Which?

They said he was senile.

No, he was just willing to change a position he found would not stand up.

If you want to hold a position, God bless you. If your pastor teaches you that position, then what you should do if you have doubts is to take the scriptures to the pastor and put to the test what you have heard.

If you want to hang onto a position, hang onto it because it’s scriptural whether you like it or not. That’s the reason for hanging onto a position.

So you hang onto what position God leads you to, but I beg you, for Christ’s sake, do not make this an issue of division in the body of Christ.

Do not discriminate against your brothers and sisters who do not hold your position.

Do not look down upon people because they honestly disagree with you.

Rather, let–as the Apostle Paul says–there be differences of opinions in the church so that the Word of God–the Truth of God–may be made known.

Dr. Walter Martin

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