7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About God

myths about God

Whether you’re a believer or non-believer, at some point in life you’ll likely come across a Christian or “lover of Christ” who changed your perceptions of God, Jesus, and Christianity as a whole. Too many of us have been infants in our faith and at the expense of others’ insecurities, our belief in God was demolished. Whether it be a mother at church condemning you because of how you dressed, a group of friends speaking badly about God, or a supposed leader in the faith taking advantage of you, unfortunately, we’ve all been there. However, there’s an abundance of things that God wants you to know about Him that your worldly view is blocking you from seeing. So, before you close yourself off from God entirely, here are seven things I wish someone told me about God that may make you want to reconsider your relationship with Him.

Asking Questions Isn’t Wrong

During the beginning stages of many believers’ journeys to Christ, they are commonly told that it is not okay to question God or any church official. Questions are seen as disrespectful and many claim that to question God is to question His authority which isn’t necessarily the case. Questions are the way that many believers get to know and love the God that they will one day devotedly serve. Think about it—how would you start a relationship with someone without asking questions about who they are, what they like and dislike, and what they believe? You would not go on a first date, sit silently, and then commit to a relationship with someone. So if we don’t do that in any other relationship in our lives, why do we expect that to work in our relationship with God? The best way to grow your faith and love for God is to ask everything you want to know. Ask why He made humans, ask what He considers to be sins. Ask it all and pray for revelation. However, I will warn you that not every question will be answered. There are some things that God wants you to know while other topics are not for you. In any case, the question is never the problem.

His Plan for Your Life Will Not Make Sense

As humans, we are constantly surrounded by knowledge and information that causes us to believe that logic can help make sense of just about anything. This however, is not the case with God. Proverbs 3:5 says:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

That scripture alone proves to us that our understanding will not align with God’s plan for us. It also speaks to the fact that God can do things beyond the human understanding. In this verse, I believe God is telling us not to limit what He can do to what we can understand because our understanding is minuscule compared to His power. And I know what you’re thinking—why would God not want us to use our understanding to figure out our lives? Well, that verse actually answers that question, too.

God wants you to trust Him. If He tells you the entire plan for your life and exactly how to achieve it, you wouldn’t need Him. However, if you trust Him and are obedient to Him, you won’t have to constantly worry about what’s next for your life. Yet, you’ll still reap the benefits of His blessings. While some can willingly and easily trust in God’s plan, others, like me, struggle to wholeheartedly trust Him. In those cases, He may bring obstacles into your life to make you desperate for His love, grace, and power so that He can work exceedingly in your life. In any case, know that God has a purpose for your life and the path to it may make absolutely no sense but trust and follow Him and just watch what He can do.

Silence Doesn’t Mean He’s Not With You

Hearing God is arguably one of the most challenging parts of a relationship with Him. He speaks through the Holy Spirit which lives inside all of us. Because of this, God’s voice is typically a feeling rather than an audible voice. For me, when I was doing something blatantly wrong or God was trying to protect me from something, I could feel Him. However when my life was stable and peaceful, I typically didn’t feel Him as strongly. But, I wish someone would have told me that He’s still there.

One of the best analogies I’ve heard in reference to God’s voice compares Him to a GPS. When you are in the car driving and you turn on the GPS, its goal is to provide you with a path that will successfully lead you to your final destination. If you took a wrong turn that deviated from the path, the GPS begins to speak and tell you you’ve made a wrong turn and provide you with a new path to get to the same destination. However, if you are going the right way, the GPS is silent. The voice has nothing to say, but the guidance is still there. It continues to be quiet until it needs to give you the next direction to get to your final definition. This is very similar to the way we hear God’s voice. God speaks in His time, and not always when you need confirmation and assurance in the plan you refuse to trust Him with. Sometimes God speaks to save you and sometimes to guide you but if He’s quiet, it’s likely that it’s because you’re going the right way. Nevertheless, He is always there.

God Doesn’t Co-Sign Your Plan

When starting on your journey to Christ, there is a common confusion that eternal freedom means that you have the freedom to do anything and God will bless it. We think that plans we made up and friendships or jobs we decided we want to have, should happen. We believe and pray and when they don’t come to pass, we are disappointed and take our anger out on God. However, once you gave your life to God, He did not agree to give you everything you wanted because everything you want isn’t what’s best for you. I know—that sucks to hear but it’s true.

We commonly adopt this mindset when it comes to relationships. You think you’ve found that perfect man or woman so you’re constantly praying to God asking Him to make the relationship work. Your partner may even be just as in love and passionate about the relationship as you are but for some reason, God just keeps telling you, “Nope, they’re not the one.” As humans we think, “Well God, if he makes me happy, why wouldn’t you want me to be with Him?” We try to attack and question God’s love and plan for our life just because He won’t agree with our made-up fantasy. The truth is, God knows what’s best for you. He knows what man, woman, friend, or job is going to help you reach purpose and His plan is designed to get you there. But when we just start making up our own ideas, God won’t rearrange His for yours. He will patiently wait until you’re obedient and ready to do things His way.

However, if you do find yourself deep in the plan you made up for your life, understand that He is still a grace-giving God. He will get glory out of every misstep you make as long as you repent and turn back to Him. But if you want to live the most fulfilling and purposeful life possible, I can assure you that God’s plan is the best plan.

Not Everything Is For You

With such a deeply connected society that openly expresses and displays thoughts, beliefs, and practices, it can be hard to maintain your composure when your beliefs are tested. It seems like every person that has an opinion on you or your characteristics need to be put in their place which is just not the case. Every argument, debate, discussion, and conversation is not for you. For some of us who struggle to hold our tongue or retaliate in pressure-filled situations, this can be a difficult realization to make. However, it’s important to understand that as a child of God, He’s already given you purpose. When people argue against you or what you believe, there is nothing you have to prove to anyone about yourself or about Him. This is actually a great example of God’s grace as well.

Because we have free will, technically, we can participate in every single argument made against us or God. You’d likely be mentally tired, but you could. But if you serve a God who has rule over everything in existence, why would you need to? Would you fight a battle if you already knew you were going to win? Nope. So the same applies here, in stressful situations and arguments, just remember that because of God’s grace, everything doesn’t have to be for you. He’s not limiting you but He wants you to live like you know He has already won.

God Wants You to Come to Him With Your Problems

At some point, you may feel frustration or anger towards God—and don’t worry that’s normal. With such a lack of control and minimal understanding of what is actually best for us, it can be difficult to remain positive and hopeful. Luckily, God will sympathize with your frustration and anger if you bring it to Him.

Many people get impatient and annoyed because things aren’t working the way they imagined and their first reaction is to rebel against God. They may resort back to an old relationship God asked them to leave, leave a job they don’t like, leave the church, etc. These are all ways to act out against God but unfortunately, in each of these scenarios, you’ve never brought the situation to God for Him to fix it. Like me, many of you may just think that since God is all-knowing, He should know exactly what I’m feeling, which He does. But He wants you to trust Him with your frustrations and anger. He wants to know that whenever there’s something wrong, He’s the first person you call on. For example, think of your best friend or closest family member. If the two of you got into a conflict, you would likely go to them and address it because you trust that they will understand you and work with you to fix it. This is what God wants from you. When you come to Him with your problems, even your temporary issues with Him, He will work with you to fix it or help you understand.

God Loves Every Part of You

I know this seems like such a simple statement that we’ve all heard before but this is probably the biggest thing that I wish someone would’ve told me about God. He loves every single part of you more than you can ever imagine.

Growing up, I thought of God as a big scary man in the sky who just told people what to do and helped people with their problems. But as I grew in my relationship with Him, I understood that He passionately loves me, as an individual. Yes He loves His people as a whole but God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit passionately love every quirk, imperfection, and part of you. They work tirelessly to give you the life that you deserve because your life is so valuable and important to them. There is an amazing purpose on this Earth that only you can fulfill and God wants to give you every opportunity to find it. To put it plainly, He is obsessed with you. When the sun comes up, He’s thinking about you. When the sun goes down, He’s thinking about you. Throughout every part of every day, you are on His mind. That is not something that churches always teach but it is the most impactful revelation you can get. He loves absolutely everything about you!

Danelle Sims is the owner of a Christian streetwear clothing brand and blog, Prophet NY. Her brand aims to redefine fashion and represent God in a modern and fresh way. The blog gives advice about common faith issues and offers a range of tips for her readers to grow their relationships with God. With years of creative experience, Danelle also gives fashion and styling advice on the blog to combine her God-given gift with her incredible passion for her faith.


  1. I agree God doesn’t always meddle with our plans and get involved with our decisions. Now that I’ve read this blog, what I have always think of him as a father is most likely to be true. He doesn’t mess with our decisions in life but when we are struggling and in need of help, he will always be there for us to support and guide us throughout our journey (life).

    • Such a good perspective! it’s very similar to the ways I’ve thought of Him in my own life. But what I’ve found in my recent struggles is that yes, He gives you free will but He really wants you to choose His plan over yours because that’s when He can do his BEST work in your life. For me, calling Him when I needed Him got me through difficult times but that was like the bare minimum of what He wanted for me. When I started talking to Him, watching sermons, and getting to know Him just because I wanted to, He could then give me fulfillment, purpose, and blessings that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. He’s pretty cool (:

  2. Thanks for sharing. In totality, we have a relationship with the God who knows all things (well more than we do), and has our best interest at heart. Jer 29:11. We can trust him, knowing that He is Love.


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