Understanding the Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24 (Part 1)


Jesus is enraged. Standing in the Temple, He has just launched at the Jewish religious leaders, calling them out as blind hypocrites, white-washed tombs and a brood of vipers (Matthew 23). In Ezekiel 11:22-23, we saw the glory of the Father leave the Temple through the East Gate and settle upon the Mount of Olives before departing. Israel’s Babylonian exile soon followed. Now we see the Son of man leave the Temple through the East Gate and settle upon Mt. Olivet as He warns His followers and declares judgment over unbelieving Israel again. Matthew 24 explained.

Welcome to one of the most amazing (and hotly-debated) prophecies in the entire Bible—Jesus’ Olivet Discourse.

  • Get firmly grounded on one of the most misunderstood prophecies in biblical history
  • This prophecy gives an approximate timeline for judgment over Israel
  • Proclaims the end of the Jewish age and the start of the “times of the Gentiles”
  • Warns of impending tribulation culminating with the abomination of desolation

Prophecy Course. Bible prophecy made clear. Get the full transcript for this talk at https://prophecycourse.org/session/08/olivet-p1/

Update: Want to see the rest of this teaching?

Part 1.5: The Day of the Lord
Part 2: The Olivet Discourse (Continued)

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