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5 Tips to Boost Your Church’s Local SEO

Are you a church looking for good local SEO tips? There are currently 27.9 million small businesses in the U.S., and yes, if you're a church,...

Joshua Memorial Foundation: SEO Case Study

Client: Joshua Memorial Foundation Product: Nonprofit that teaches water safety awareness and supports other nonprofits in the same. Campaign: Web development, web design, search engine optimization...

5 Link Building and SEO Tips to Promote Your Church

Link building has always been one of the most important element in the success (or failure) of a website. When it comes to SEO (search...

Learn How to Rank a Site in Google

Setting the Stage According to comScore, the leading source of analytical data about the internet, Google has cornered sixty-seven percent of the online searches done...

The 20-Year History of SEO

Full text search engines got their start with WebCrawler, created by Brian Pinkerton in 1994. It was a desktop application to start with and...

3 Nonprofit SEO Myths

Nonprofit SEO has obtained a number of myths and legends over the years. As the search engines change their algorithms consistently, nonprofits who don't...


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