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Thich Quang Duc burning monk
On June 11, 1963, a Buddhist monk named Thích Quang Duc was among the procession of approximately 350 monks and nuns who surrounded the intersection at Phan Dinh Phung Boulevard and Le Van Duyet Street, just outside the Cambodian embassy in Saigon, South Vietnam. “Thích Quang Duc emerged from the car along with two other monks. One placed a cushion...
pro-life on capital punishment
If someone you loved was assaulted and murdered, wouldn’t you demand justice? Wouldn’t you want to protect your family, friends and others from such a brutal event ever happening again? Wouldn’t you want the murderer permanently removed from society? To ensure a murderer never kills again, wouldn’t the surest and quickest way be to end the murderer’s life? Throughout...
Recently, I stumbled across a blog that stated the following: “As you all know, I am pro-choice. I don’t believe in parental notification laws. I believe you can have an abortion for whatever reason you want. And yes I am a mother. And yes I was upset when I miscarried cuz that was a baby to me. However, IT IS...
divine revelation
"There are two mistakes that can happen along the road to truth--not going all the way and not starting" ~The Buddah. I recently met a young man who is actively seeking a career in motivational speaking. As he and I were talking, it quickly became clear we agreed on a good number of points ranging from public speaking, to personal development,...


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