Business Development Coaching: What’s Your Style?

business development coaching

As a business development coach, what makes you successful?

Effortlessly administering advice to a committed client or is it the busyness of your coaching schedule? It’s true that people measure success differently but if you’re a business development coach, there are a few definitive markers you should look for if you want to gauge your success. It’s not always charisma or personality traits that makes you excellent. Ask yourself the following questions.

What’s your level of commitment?

Often, the most successful coaches are the ones who don’t coach from the sidelines. This teacher is in the mix for life. He’s committed to the people he inspires and is committed to making good things happen for them.

Do you maintain a balance of discipline and fun that encourages growth?

The most successful coach will take his job seriously but not himself. A good leader makes the improvement experience exciting, even fun. When people ask for homework, you know you are a success.

Do you understand you are not selling products but hope and the promise of improvement?

Not only will you sell the idea that you can succeed but you will show others how to get it done. Creative, disciplined people do this by teaching vision casting and how to set doable goals.

Do you assume that everyone knows what you know?

The best business gurus take the funnel approach to training. They gather in large amounts of information but disperse it with care and precision. A good business coach knows how to communicate. That’s truly a hallmark of success!

Do you value the individual and imagine their success?

During your career as a trainer/instructor/drill sergeant, it’s easy to get frustrated. You’ve told more than one person to “be the ball” but so often they don’t remember that bit of advice. The coach who sees each person as someone who can succeed is himself a success. He’s not frustrated by clients who have difficulty moving the ball from around the bases. He’s always willing to see the best in others.

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