Does God Exist? The Kalam Cosmological Argument


Wish we could say this one was ours, but this brilliant and beautifully done video on the Kalam Cosmological Argument takes another step toward answering the age-old question, “Does God exist? Or is the material universe all that ever has been and will be?” Otherwise known as the Cosmological Argument, this explanation can be summed up like this:

  1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
  2. The universe began to exist.
  3. Therefore, the universe has a cause.

Summary: Since the universe can’t have caused itself, its cause must be beyond the space-time universe. It must be spaceless, timeless, immaterial, uncaused, and unimaginably powerful. Much like… God.

The Cosmological Argument proves it is quite reasonable to believe that God exists.

(Watch the video for the whole argument.)

Thank you to Dr. William Lane Craig and the Reasonable Faith crew for this well-crafted addition to Christian apologetics. Reasonable Faith aims to provide in the public arena an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today. More of their work may be found at


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