A Guide to True Peace (Free PDF)

A Guide to True Peace free pdf download

Upon first hearing about “A Guide to True Peace” and its influence upon one pastor A.B. Simpson, I did what I always do when seeking an older publication—I tried to find a free copy online. Though it has long been in the public domain, I was surprised I could only find a single rough scan of the 1815 edition. (There was originally an 1813 edition that underwent some refinements and emerged as the 1815 copy.)

Being that the scanned copy of the 1815 edition was rough, smudged and cut off in places, I felt compelled to send it out for transcription into this cleaner, digitized format. When the transcription came back, it too needed work, and so I was blessed with the opportunity to groom this edition line by line. An intimate process, to be sure!

Through this effort, I have come across several typographical errors and places where modern spelling conventions scream for correction, however I have chosen to leave most of these events untouched. These errors were not a result of the transcription process, but were actually found in the 1815 edition itself. My desire is to leave you with a very true copy of that edition, right down to the page separations and Roman numerals.

Having invested time into studying the work of A.B. Simpson, I recognize him as being a man who understood the character of our Creator better than most. If Simpson points to “A Guide to True Peace” as one of the most influential writings in his spiritual walk, you can be sure it offers priceless insight for you as well.

I hope you enjoy this 2017 resetting of “A Guide to True Peace.”

Download “A Guide to True Peace” PDF

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  1. This morning I read an excerpt of A. B. Simpson’s The Power of Stillness in my devotional book, Streams in the Desert. I was intrigued about the book he referred to, True Peace. A google search brought me to this blog post and your resetting of said book. I will be printing it out today so I can read and study it away from my computer. Thank you for making this available. 🙂

  2. I am reading book one of J. Preston Eby’s teachings, “From the Candlestick to the Throne Room.” He mentioned A.B. Simpson’s encounter with True Peace. When I opened your pdf file and saw the names of Fenelon, Mollinos and Guyon, I was amazed. I’ve enjoyed their writings for many years. Thank you for your hard work and generous soul. I am blessed! God has a way of confirming His truth, even when we don’t hear it in church.


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