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6 Consequences of Sexual Sin

It is our responsibility not to allow sin to have control over our bodies. Romans 6:12-13 tells us we must not use our bodies...

9 Lies We Use to Excuse Sexual Sin

In the Bible, sexual immorality is one of the most prominently mentioned sins anytime a list of sins comes up. If it were simply...

A Sin List for Confession

The following is a list of sins that can be used when walking someone through a confession session. Leading someone in confession is appropriate...

A Reconciled Mind

When Jesus made his famous statement on the cross, “It is finished” in John 19:30, He was saying more than His work on earth...

Mastering Sin

We are introduced to the concept of sin early in the Scriptures, in Genesis 3 with the fall of Adam and Eve. Their reaction...

Awake to Righteousness and Sin Not

There tends to be much debate in Christianity about whether or not we can live sinless lives. "No one is perfect!" we often say....


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