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How to Evangelize: One Beggar to Another

Sharing our faith can be frightening at times. Maybe we don’t think we have all the answers. Maybe we don’t want to be rejected....

Evangelism: What Matters Most When You’re Out There

The phrase "keep your eye on the ball" is very important when you're out there evangelizing (Ephesians 4:14). People will take out their cameras, give...

I See You Looking

As you look, I see you searching for that one thing that can fulfill you. --- You look at clothes and try to find the perfect...

Digital Evangelism: Tips for Extending Your Church’s Digital Outreach

If you’re a church pastor, chances are you use a computer on a daily basis. There’s also a 39% chance you access the Internet...

What is Digital Evangelism?

If you’ve been in the Church for more than a week, you’ve likely run across the term “evangelism”. While the word evangelism has been...

Apologetics: Getting to the Gospel as Soon as Possible

The Definition of Apologetics Hearing the word “apologetics,” many immediately think of our modern understanding of what it means to apologize for something as an...
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