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Jason Moore

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We are in such an age of knowledge that we feel time slipping through our hands, and as we tighten the grip and try to hold everything together, the significance of people places and things becomes blurred. Demands constantly compete for attention, and the details of life can have a simultaneously thinking backwards as we look so far forward, that we miss the present visitation of God. Being event-driven can cause us to be in a place physically, but not mentally nor whole-heartedly. Here is where we forfeit our strength and hope in the present. What is the way out of this endless cycle? It is to get off the merry-go-round of life and LIVE in the NOW. The purpose of this book is to help us to develop a sacred reverence of her time, leading us to recognize and tune into God’s presence visitation.


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Jason Moore
Passionate about reaching people from all walks of life, Jason Moore has been involved in worldwide mission work and discipleship since the age of sixteen. While living in Ukraine, he completed his internship in church planting, resulting in three new churches that continue to thrive today. As a graduate of Maryland Bible College and Seminary with a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, he leads the Pastoral Care team of Greater Grace Church in Baltimore, MD. He serves as a guest speaker in churches throughout the United States and overseas. With his wife, Leah, and son, Carson, he is dedicated to guiding people in discovering the riches of God’s grace. His podcast, Inner Revolution, maybe be found at and he may be reached through


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