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40 Days: Seasons of Testing

It is interesting to observe in Scripture there are a number of times when there is a period of forty days attached to major...

Roots for All Seasons

I have typically thought of roots as being something that Christians needed for dark times and emergencies. In my mind, roots have always been associated...

The Three Coats of a Believer

The life of Joseph, Jacob’s eleventh son, gives us insight into the journey a believer takes to find the victorious life in Christ. It...

Spiritual Warfare Prayers and Scriptures

Sometimes, we believers forget we're embroiled in a spiritual battle waging in an invisible realm all around us. "My people are destroyed for lack...

When Life Seems Impossible

There are impossible things in our lives. Weighty things that have been part of our landscape for a long time. Relationships, sickness, generational curses,...

The Wilderness Between Calling and Commissioning

You know this place; the calm before a storm, a moment before an action, an interruption of routine before the response—I want to call...


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Finding Joy

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

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