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Seeking the Lord’s Help During Life’s Storms

"The LORD is my light and my salvation --- whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life --- of whom...

Restless Water

Fable of the Restless Water You are you, no matter when or who. One day, a little water droplet awoke to find herself surrounded by the...

Inspirational: God is Larger Than the Mountains You Face

All too often we allow ourselves to be shifted, shaped and blown about by the world around us. That is the opposite of grace...

Inspirational: Unfulfilled by life? That’s by design. Seek God.

"Unfulfilled by life? That's by design. Seek God." Ever wonder why the luster to life fades, no matter what it is? Whether you're falling out...

Inspirational: One in God is a Majority

"One in God is a Majority" The power of God goes way beyond our understanding, so why is it we allow people and events to...

Inspirational: One Single Soul Saved

"One single soul saved shall outlive and outweigh all the kingdoms of the world." - JC Ryle Even after decades in (and out of) the church,...


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