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Tract for Unbelievers: I See You Looking


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This eye-catching, wallet-sized tract touches upon the wanderlust that plagues all unbelievers. A great conversation starter for street-side witnessing. Text reads:

As you look, I see you searching for that one thing that can fulfill you. You look at clothes and try to find the perfect item. You find it; it looks great. You buy it. Two months from now, it’s just another shirt or pair of shoes in your closet. Maybe you’re climbing the corporate ladder because you think making enough money will fulfill your dreams. Maybe you think that next restaurant dinner will satisfy you, but hours after you’re full, you’re hungry again. It’s like the Rolling Stones said: I can’t get no satisfaction. Now you are here looking to drink, eat, chill or find that perfect somebody. Can’t you see these things don’t satisfy forever? God put eternity in your heart. The hole you’re trying to fill cannot be filled with things or people. You have been on the treadmill of life chasing a carrot just out of reach, thinking—if you got it—you would be satisfied. It’s a lie. Nothing is eternal but God. Only He can fill us. It is God who must become a part of your life. It all starts with a prayer like this from your heart: “Jesus, I turn from my sin and believe you died for me on the cross to take away my sins and, after three days, you rose from the dead. I believe you are my Savior and my Lord. I now follow you and give you the rest of my days. In Jesus’ name, amen.” More at levaire.com/nextsteps

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