What our clients are saying..

I love you guys! You have been great!

Lisa Marie Olger
Lansing, Michigan

We did a complete overhaul of our website.  Dreamscape worked with us from start to finish, holding our hand during the entire process, making template and plug-in recommendations, and being available at all points to assist with needed changes and shifts to the website as they arose.

We had previous experience working with Dreamscape and loved working with them.  They have always been incredibly efficient with work of exceptional quality.  It seemed like an easy decision to work with Dreamscape for our new website redesign.

With other vendors, we have at times had difficulty turning our conception to reality.  We have very clear ideas about the outcomes we want, but don’t always have a good sense of the steps that bear out those outcomes.  The Dreamscape team is phenomenal in moving our concepts in ways that make sense for our internal capacity and budget.

We would strongly recommend Dreamscape to others.  They are incredibly helpful, respond quickly, and go above and beyond to ensure that the work they are doing is beyond satisfactory.  Even with the tight timeline we gave them, they worked tirelessly to ensure that our final product was as we had envisioned.  The best part about Dreamscape is that everyone on their team is such a pleasure to work with!

Matt Gillard
President & CEO
Michigan’s Children
Lansing, Michigan

I feel that Dreamscape Multimedia invested the time necessary to try to understand the needs of my business, and then took the information I provided and developed a great website. Because this is not my area of expertise I have had many questions along the way. Those questions have always been answered in a very timely manner, many times after normal working hours. The quality of service I have received from Dreamscape Multimedia—and Matt Schoenherr, in particular—has been absolutely excellent.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dreamscape Multimedia to anyone in need of web development. It is truly refreshing to find a company that does what they say they are going to do in a very professional manner.

Lynn Fuller
Fuller Travel Service
Lansing, Michigan

GCSI sorely needed to modernize its corporate webpage to reflect its status as Michigan’s No. 1 lobbying firm. Specifically, we wanted to grow the site from merely an electronic brochure to a dynamic post so rife with timely information that it becomes an indispensable part of our valued clients’ daily routines.

GCSI chose Dreamscape Multimedia for this important assignment for a myriad of reasons, including:

  • Its Principal, Matt Schoenherr, made time to fully understand our vision for our webpage and was even more deliberate about ensuring we comprehended the highly technical jargon of his profession.
  • The company did not over-promise to score our business, but, rather, was bluntly honest about its service offerings and the amount of time it would take it to meet our expectations.
  • Dreamscape Multimedia offered a smorgasbord of webpage-development services from which to choose, such that we could control our costs while building the site. And all of Dreamscape’s charges were competitive, yet reasonable.

GCSI is happy with its decision to invest this project with Dreamscape Multimedia. Simply put: the company delivered what it promised, making helpful suggestions along the way – all the while allaying our anxieties.

GCSI would delight in recommending Dreamscape Multimedia to others in need of webpage development or overhaul. Their expertise is conspicuous and attention to detail, top shelf.

Kenneth A. Cole
Governmental Consultant Services, Inc.
Lansing, Michigan

We were looking to have a new website created that would give are clients more information and more tools to assist them with finding employees and jobs for our applicants, along with a new logo, color scheme, and slogan. We also wanted a web-based employment application that would communicate with our existing database software.

Dreamscape Multimedia was light years ahead of the competition in a variety of areas: Fast response time, professionalism, value added services, and most importantly understanding my company’s needs.

We feel like we have invested in a trusted business partner. Our new site is fantastic! Dreamscape was a pleasure to work with from day one. If something needed to be tweaked or went wrong Dreamscape handled the issue ASAP!

If you are looking for a new website or need your current site brought up to date there is only one company we would recommend and that is Dreamscape Multimedia. The value added services that are offered puts them in a league all their own. When you hire Dreamscape to handle your website design and hosting services you can expect to be treated professionally, offered quick response time, and feel like you have added a new member to your own team. The staff at Dreamscape take tremendous pride in their work.

Kent Housler
Vice President
Personnel World
Lansing, Michigan

Mr. Schoenherr’s contribution to the multi-agency State of Michigan MiWiFi Marketing Team was invaluable. With all the different agencies involved, I was afraid our marketing collateral would end up as logo soup. Mr. Schoenherr’s design expertise created a fresh, appealing look and feel to our efforts that incorporate elements from each agency’s respective brands. He harnessed the synergy of the group’s creativity; he negotiated the technical aspects of production. The result is superior promotional collateral.

Colleen Gehoski Steinman
Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator
Parks and Recreation Division
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Lansing, Michigan

Matt is extremely talented as both a web designer and graphic artist. He is also a person who follows through in a timely manner, is thorough, dependable, honest, and definitely an idea person who is able to turn new ideas into reality.

Mary Cline
Director of Field Operations
Right to Life of Michigan
Lansing, Michigan

Matt Schoenherr was a valuable member of the conference planning teams for both the 2004 and 2005 Transportation Summits held by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). Matt created and maintained the MDOT Transportation Summit Website which is still being used today. The website contains video clips, meeting notes, and links to many other related websites. Mr. Schoenherr also used his computer expertise onsite at the conference to troubleshoot problems and develop presentations on-the-fly. Matt used his knowledge to incorporate the summit video clips into power point presentations for a dramatic effect and lasting impact. These presentations were later presented in various parts of the country and were received very positively. Matt has shown his vast knowledge of computer technology and his ability to adapt it to real life situations.

Mr. Schoenherr also took on a project to coordinate and promote wi-fi hot spots at Michigan’s rest areas. This was a pilot project in uncharted areas. Matt did a tremendous job of bringing the different interests together and remained focused on what was possible instead of what can’t be done.

Matt Schoenherr has a great working ethic and exemplifies our organization’s values of: quality, teamwork, customer orientation, integrity, and pride. Any company would do well to have Mr. Matt Schoenherr leading their technology.

Kirk Steudle
Deputy Director
Michigan Department of Transportation
Lansing, Michigan

Thanks, Matt, for all your work on behalf of the Friends of Historic Meridian and the Meridian Historical Village. We were impressed with the quick response and great service. Your attention to detail took a problem that was overwhelming to us and turned it into a smoothly functioning website. You truly went over and beyond our expectations and did it all with a smile!

Jane Rose
Executive Director
Meridian Historical Village

To the Dreamscape Multimedia team,
A few words about the service we received from Dreamscape Multimedia.

For the record, our office has been delighted with the level of quality service you have provided us.

When we first approached you, our intranet had grown into an unruly thing that was slow to launch (when it did successfully) and unmanageable (with over 1,200 files to sift through!) As you are aware, a key challenge being faced by any agency is ensuring that their future growth and development remain manageable. We already knew an intranet could be a valuable and effective business tool for an organization, so we were frustrated ours wasn’t serving us better.

You worked closely with us to make sure the next version fit our needs and brought together the expertise to get the job done. Finally, our intranet is a strategic asset that supports our key business processes, delivers training, improves efficiency, and creates greater staff and customer satisfaction. Not only does our new intranet look great; it is now twice the resource it was when it was started.

Thanks again for all the hard work.

With the utmost appreciation and admiration,

Tim Scott
Director of Information Technology
Symmetry Medical (Jet)
Lansing, Michigan

Well, Matt, what to say? Dreamscape Multimedia continues to do superb work for Davenport Masonry. When we first brought you in, we were looking to improve the way we accepted and tracked job applications for our contractors across Michigan. We knew the current system of paper applications in a filing cabinet and relying on tribal knowledge of jobs and applicants wasn’t the way to continue. Your professional approach to the task inspired confidence and the result of your efforts—the Davenport Masonry Job Application Management System—has been a wonderful tool that allows us to collect, track, and sort job applicants through the application and interview process, all the way to hire. With some additional enhancements later this autumn, we’ll be able to track our contractors all the way through job completion, including the tracking of performance reviews and other vital information that will help us to further raise the bar for achieving excellence in the masonry industry.

Then, there is the Davenport Masonry website. Wow. Nice work. We knew it would be a challenge. We had our previous site for years and it had grown to over 100 pages. Newsletters, project case studies, articles, video, contact information and biographies—it all had to be redone. To top it all off, we wanted to be able to update the site ourselves. Dreamscape Multimedia took us to the next level. Now we have a Flash intro, we can edit our own content (this is huge), and a sharp new look and feel that highlights some of our favorite projects and sets the tone for the kind of work we do. By the end of summer, we’ll also have the estimator tool—a web application that allows our industry partners and clients to begin planning and pricing their masonry projects. Thank you so much for the great work Dreamscape Multimedia continues to do for us. Your reliability and expertise are hugely appreciated.

Ned Niemi
Davenport Masonry
Holt, Michigan

My initial challenge was the fear of unknown territory. I think most people do not want to take that step into the new and unfamiliar. Dreamscape made me feel comfortable from the very first phone call. They have made every step easy, without pressure, and I think that’s very important to me and many people who are in business today.

First, one of my own clients referred Dreamscape to me as we were discussing my idea to look into a website for our business. From there I talked to Matt and immediately found he was patient, informative and he talked to me in layman’s terms. I am not a tech guy, but the information Matt gave me and the options he explained made the whole process go quite smoothly.

I knew, as a business, we needed to explore the web for another avenue of exposure. I feel the web and Dreamscape Multimedia has opened the door to more avenues than I ever imagined. Advertising is expensive but I was amazed at how little it cost to reach so many people compared to newspaper, TV and other forms of exposure for our business. I am excited about the many other angles of exposure and marketing that Dreamscape can direct our business in. Now we can reach past and future clients with the help of Matt and his staff.

Brad Marshall
Brad’s Hair Studio, Inc.
Grand Ledge, Michigan

Thank you, Matt; you and your staff have created a web site for the BMW CCA that we’re not only proud of, but has reduced some of the workload here at the national level markedly. Your efforts in our behalf of the club seem tireless, and your patience (especially with some of our peskier ‘experts’) has been unparalleled. It’s apparent that along with exemplary web experience, you all understand the essence of superior customer service, as well. What a great combination!

Wynne Smith
Executive Director
BMW Car Club of America, Inc.

Matt, you built me a fantastic website. I had very high expectations, and you exceeded them. The responses from people who have seen it have been tremendous. Working together we created a site with personality and great content, just what I was hoping for. You also delivered it quickly, which was another of my needs. I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone who wants a great representation for their business on the World Wide Web.

Jack Pyle
Face to Face Matters, Inc.
Mason, Michigan

Dreamscape Multimedia designed a logo for us that far exceeded our expectations. It is remarkable on how close the design reflects my mother, after whom our business is named. We were looking for something that resembles the quality of our products and also expresses who we are. Mr. Schoenherr took our words and put them into a design of exquisite quality. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

James Espinoza
Maria’s Tacos Catering
Portland, Michigan

Dreamscape Multimedia is a true partner for business start-ups. Matt Schoenherr designed and built a wonderful website for my art and photography business. More importantly, Matt knows what it takes to make a website successful “behind the website”. Matt’s experience with web hosting sites, setting up the financial transactions for e-commerce and general web marketing skills were invaluable to me.

Mike Scieszka
Lansing, Michigan

Matt’s focus on my objectives and quick turn-around on website development elements is nothing short of remarkable. Dreamscape is a pleasure to work with.

Rick Ballard
Charlevoix Haven
Charlevoix, Michigan

We needed a web development partner that understood our business model, our brand and our image. They also needed to be able to work with our technical staff and supplement the skills that we already have. Dreamscape understood our industry and the goals we were trying to achieve. They were responsive and worked well with our staff to produce an outstanding web site that can scale with our business.

I would recommend Dreamscape to any company that needs a partner that understands marketing and business image.

Michael Maddox
Lansing, Michigan

We had gone through two website redesigns, with mixed results, before turning to Matt and Dreamscape Multimedia. What took us six months to accomplish on our own, Matt completed in less than one months’ time.

We had a price range in mind and did not want to go over budget. We went through a competitive bid process for both websites and Dreamscape Multimedia came out 80% less than the competition. Since we were new to the redesigning of websites, we weren’t sure what we were going to get, but we were more than pleased with the final product.

Not only were our websites completed on time and on budget, but the work was great too! Matt was very professional and always followed up in a timely manner and was very helpful in answering any questions throughout the process.

I would definitely recommend Matt and the team at Dreamscape Multimedia to anybody looking for a great website at an affordable price.

Kevin Goodwin
Communications Specialist
SCW Agency Group, Inc.
Lansing, Michigan

We were looking to quickly create a new website encompassing our three aerospace divisions. Matt was great. He accomplished our goal and was able to turn around the site in time for our launch. In addition, Matt was extremely accommodating and easy to work with on this project. Dreamscape came through in a pinch and with a great result!

Jason Tabor
Symmetry Medical (Jet)
Lansing, Michigan

We hardly know how to act! We are so thrilled with our new website that you designed! We find it user-friendly and just what we need! WOW!

In the last week or so, we have noticed that volunteers are accessing the website either to volunteer or to obtain more information. It has been our goal to build our volunteer base and it looks like the website will be a valuable tool in doing so. We also note that other agencies have acknowledged accessing it in their correspondence.

May we thank you again for your help and expertise. God be with you and bless you!

Barbara Hess
Member, Board of Directors
Hannah’s House of Lansing
Lansing, Michigan

I knew nothing about web design and was in quite a hurry. I did know creating an entire new site from scratch in short period of time would not be easy. I was impressed with the sample sites Dreamscape Multimedia sent me and the quick responses I received from email communications.

At first I was nervous about not using a local designer. I was concerned that not sitting down with the designer would adversely effect the quality and timeline of a new site. Matt was excellent to work with throughout the whole process. When we wanted changes and tweaks to the site, he was quick in responding. I believe we ended up with a really nice web site. We have had a very positive response so far and I have faith that, as time goes on, Dreamscape Multimedia will be there to help our site grow and develop further.

Blake Collingsworth
Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation
Lincoln, Nebraska

My objective was to develop an online presence that was both informational for environmental concerns as well as inviting for prospective clients. After meeting Matt Schoenherr, I felt that I could work effectively with his firm. Dreamscape Multimedia successfully completed my project well within the timeline requirements we agreed upon. The project went smoothly and Matt was responsive to my needs.

I will gladly recommend Dreamscape Multimedia to others in my profession and I have confidence that the services I received would also be well-received by others.

Burt Russell
Compli-Chek Environmental
Lansing, Michigan

I had started a web page with AT&T and they were charging me a fortune each month but I could never get anything changed. I needed my providers to be able to upload files to me and no one could tell me if it was possible. Matt took over and it has been great. Have had great feedback about my new web page. I needed someone to take over and just do it. I do not have time to play around nor have time to figure it out myself. Dreamscape did it all for me! I already have told 3 or 4 people to call Dreamscape and will continue to do so.

Mary Beth Houpt
Mid Michigan Medical Management
Lansing, Michigan

I began working at the University Quality Inn in October of 2008 and was amazed that when I took over no one really knew how to update our web site. It took me several long months of trying to get information from our web site provider before I could finally get on the site. I found it extremely difficult to get our provider to offer any information and everything took several phone calls to get answers. The final straw came when one day out of the blue, I could no longer get into the site where we make changes. It took me a week and a half to get any kind of an answer from our provider as to what the problem might be. I was told I would need to purchase additional software to be able to update our site. I was troubled by this as we were paying a large sum of money each month to have our site hosted by this provider and I thought that any updates should have been automatically provided for us as we really ask them for very little as we could make most of our own changes. Then I put the question to them, “If I purchase this software can you give me a percentage number as to how sure you are that this software will fix our problem?” They could not even give me a 50/50 on it. So I was faced with spending $100+plus dollars on software that may or may not fix the problem! Imagine asking my boss to pay for that and then telling him it did not fix the problem—not good. So I decided to call around to some other companies and came across Dreamscape. They provided a very quick response to my call, talked to me in a language I could understand and gave me a time frame to get a new site up and running that seemed very reasonable. Plus they were a third of the cost we were currently paying for little or no service. I took the proposal to my boss and he gave it the green light and Dreamscape has been my absolute hero since. Extremely easy to work with, they updated our site and made it look so awesome, I get compliments on a daily basis and—as much as I would love to take all of the credit—I most definitely cannot. Dreamscape is amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone for their web site needs.

Kari Vivoda
University Quality Inn
Lansing, Michigan

We needed a complete update of our website including graphics, site design, content presentation and hosting services. Dreamscape Multimedia had great artwork and graphics models for us, they are Michigan-based (close to us), and they were the most responsive in our initial contact-questions-answers mode.

We made the correct decision. Matt was very helpful, very quick with solutions in response to our questions, very competitive in terms of the cost, and offered an overall package that made it so easy we didn’t feel we needed to look further. It turned out to be the correct move for us and we are very pleased with the results.

I would certainly recommend Dreamscape Multimedia to anyone looking for website design or re-design, hosting, website traffic analytics, graphics, speed of getting the project done, and professionalism. We knew we made the correct choice for us the further along we got into the project, and—now that we are done—we are very satisfied with the results.

Rick Lane
Sales Manager
Micro Machine Company
Kalamazoo, Michigan