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4 Popular Topics for Women’s Ministry Leadership Training

It’s easy to feel alone when you work in ministry. When caring for others, the solutions aren’t always black and white--or even gray! Besides...

Leadership Academy: 3 Things West Point Teaches Cadets

After careful consideration, you've decided to offer your group a leadership academy rather than a conference or a summit. Great choice! By choosing the...

What is Leadership?

A definition of leadership includes social influence, maximizing the efforts of others, and the achievement of a goal Recently Kevin Kruse ruminated on the definition...

The Benefit of Leadership Training Courses

For many leaders, the ability to lead a group of individuals does not come naturally, but rather is something that must be learned. However,...

Leadership Training: Is It Right for You?

Congratulations on your promotion! Now that you will be leading a department, group or team you can implement those changes and lead (push) your...

Getting the Most Out of a Leadership Course

You've made the investment in a leadership course but do you know how to get the most out of an upcoming conference? Plenty of...


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