Leadership Training

Leadership Training for Churches

It’s time for your church’s annual leadership conference and even though you’ve got bright, new leaders, it’s hard to get excited about another round of role-playing and hour-long lectures on discipline and evangelism. You’ve got a creative bunch who needs training presented in fresh, engaging ways. You dream of improving your church leadership training but need an innovative way to do it. Luckily, we’ve got six creative methods for you to use.

Take your leaders on the road–but not to a conference. Instead, contact churches you admire and leaders you want to follow. Ask for a tour of their church and some instruction time with the leadership. It’s a road trip for the leadership. Fun!

Offer a podcast. Yep, leaders love the convenience of a podcast. They can access the teaching anytime, anywhere right on their cell phone, tablet or computer.

Get them moving. This creative but simple idea works great for adults and teen leaders. Once the group arrives and hunkers down for the conference, have everyone move to a new location. Do this several times during the conference. Explain that you want them to have a fresh perspective on the subject of leadership.

Encourage brainstorming. Divide your leaders into groups. Have one leader from each ministry in the group. For example, you’d need one children’s, teens and seniors ministry leader in the small group. Present the team with a common or uncommon ministry problem on paper and encourage them to brainstorm a solution.

Refresh the leader’s zeal for evangelism with the gadget game. Place a basket of kitchen gadgets like a melon baller, pizza cutter or a kitchen mallet on the conference table. Ask each leader to select a gadget. Give them two minutes to come up with a way to present the gospel with the gadget they selected.

Present a video first. It’s easy to forget why you serve in ministry during the hubbub of everyday work. Take the time to create a thank you video to present to the leadership. Interview kids, teens and adults. Give them a chance to tell the leaders “thank you” for their service.

For more creative ideas for your church leadership training, contact¬†us. We’ll be glad to help!

Leadership Development for Michigan Business

Whether you are a small business or a nonprofit, promoting people into leadership roles creates a lot of excitement in an organization. However, the process can’t stop with the new position. In order to serve the company well and harness their skills, your team members need a good leadership development program. Here are some aspects of development that are important when selecting one for your group. Your program needs to include training in these areas:

Vision casting should be a big part of the program. A strong leadership development system needs to show the leader how to develop his vision and give him the resources he needs to implement it. What’s a vision without the ability to successfully share it with others?

The developmental classes and programs should encourage the leader by building his confidence through hands on activities. By participating in these specific actions, the team member’s confidence increases. Having knowledge is good but knowing how to use what you’ve learned is an education you won’t forget.

Leadership programs can be customized for your group! There’s no cookie-cutter answer to developing leaders and no team is alike. Try a customizable plan.

A development program will help the leader understand exactly what type of leader she is. Is she a social, charismatic leader or more of an autocrat? Identifying her own personal style goes a long way in developing a leader.

There’s a difference between a leadership training system and a leadership development program. Training teaches groups A through Z the same process and procedure the same way. Leadership development recognizes each leader is different and learns differently.

Best recommendation: Reinforce your leadership development investment with a monthly injection of leadership training material. This continues the learning process and creates real growth over time.

Take your leaders to the next level with a comprehensive leadership development plan.

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