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Grow in your leadership ability with the LLR (Launching a Leadership Revolution) leadership series.

The Launching a Leadership Revolution (LLR) series is based upon the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best seller Launching a Leadership Revolution, written by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward, in which leadership is taught in a way that applies to everyone.

Everyone will be called upon to lead at some point – or many points – in his or her lifetime. The issue is whether or not you will be ready when called.

The LLR program launched with the purpose of providing world-class leadership materials to business executives, entrepreneurs, corporate climbers, pastors, church leaders, administrators, community service leaders, public servants, teachers, parents, and anybody who will find themselves in a position to lead.

When it gets right down to it, leadership is for everyone. Nobody can effectively make their way through life without needing to draw upon the toolbox of leadership. Sadly, many people lack these tools and therefore go through life with the consequences of being ill-equipped. These consequences include missed opportunities, unfulfilled career aspirations, financial woes, and broken relationships.

Although leadership is for everyone, not everyone will equip themselves. Therefore, it may be helpful to consider a list of people for which the LLR (LIFE leadership) materials don’t apply. LLR training materials are NOT for those who:

  1. Refuse to take 100% personal responsibility for their results in life.
  2. Would rather fix blame than fix problems.
  3. Want an easy, comfortable life without having to earn it.
  4. Already know everything and are therefore unteachable.
  5. Have character issues they refuse to address.

The subscriber will receive four CDs and a leadership book each month. Topics covered will include

  • finances,
  • leadership,
  • public speaking,
  • attitude,
  • goal setting,
  • mentoring,
  • game-planning,
  • accountability,
  • motivation,
  • influence, and
  • leaving a personal legacy.

Whether you are seeking corporate or business advancement, community influence, church impact, or better stewardship and effectiveness in your home, the principles and specifics taught in this leadership training series will equip you with what you need.

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