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bible on audio book

Get the Bible on Audio Book

I was driving the other day, heading over to the west side of Lansing, when I realized I was done listening to my Christian rock station. I wanted some discussion. I wanted some teaching on God’s Word, God’s path—just God’s will.

That’s when I realized how poor I was in that material. I didn’t have anything in the car. Nothing. I have just recently switched cars, so I was really under-equipped with study material while I was on the road.

I thought to myself, “Man. Why do I not have the Bible on audio disk, on CD? Why do I not have this?”

I was heading towards a Barnes and Noble, maybe Schuler’s, something like that—but a local book chain. I said, “You know what? I’m on this side of town. I’m gonna stop and take a look, and see if they have any audio book versions of the Bible. They must, right?”

I got to the bookstore and started looking around. I thought, “Man, it’d be perfect if I could have James Earl Jones reading me the Bible while I drive. It’d be fantastic, but that’s hoping too much.”

That was too much. Obviously, I’m not going to get James Earl Jones.

If you’re studying with audio books or doing any kind of work with audio books, you know that not all voices are created equal. You know this. Certain voices you have to get past in order to get to the material. Other voices draw you in. James Earl Jones would be one great example of that. Yeah.

The bookstore didn’t have anything in with the rest of the Bibles (the religious section.) I kept looking, and sure enough, I end up having to go to the music/CD section. I asked around, and they said, “Well, look right over there on that shelf.”

Sure enough, there’s one copy of the King James Bible on audio disc (I keep calling it audio disc. CD.) Here it is. I got it.

bible on audio book

It was super cheap. It was $45 (something like that.)

$45 for the Bible? Yeah. That’s gold.

It was the only one. It was sitting there on a single shelf, all on its own, unmarked. I said, “All right. Here we go.”

As I’m walking back to the register to pay for it, I look at the label and who’s reading on it?

James Earl Jones.

I found that to be fantastic.

Truly, it’s been a blessing, and I’m going through the book of Genesis right now; about to leave Genesis and move into Exodus. I just wanted to share, because I thought that was very interesting.

I want to encourage you. If you don’t have the Bible on CD, or you can’t listen to it while you’re in your car, what are you listening to instead?

Is it speaking life into your life, or is it speaking death?

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